Modern meets Bohemian with Mt Washington Pottery

Modern meets Bohemian with Mt Washington Pottery

Today on the blog, I wanted to share more about meeting one of our FOUND&MADE featured artists, Mt Washington Pottery.  Beth Katz is the heart and soul of Mt Washington Pottery. When I first met Beth she was immediately warm and so inviting when visiting her Los Angeles studio.  Beth took the time to learn what we were starting up at FOUND&MADE.  And I shared how we were looking for artists that we connect with to help tell our story.  Both Beth and I have creative backgrounds and it was so much fun being able to relate in that way.  And I feel personally inspired by her work and what she has accomplished!  

Beth grew up influenced by the freedom of her childhood growing up in Topanga, California. An enclave for the bohemian spirit of artists, writers and musicians that is very much alive today. It’s one of the things that attracted us to Mt Washington Pottery, as you can see that free spirited influence in her pieces and feel the soulfulness of her work.            

We think Beth embodies the true spirit of her craft.  Her studio is wonderfully inspiring and full of beautiful moments that offer unintended displays of her pottery.  Whether it be a grouping of her iconic bells, carved lamps and mugs or the mixture of clay beads to make talisman…you can really feel the creative process.

Mt Washington pottery studio - FOUND&MADE blog

Notes and brushes sit beside her pottery wheel like a painterly still life and the studio gives has a zen nature with pieces lined up in the kiln ready for firing.  Each part of the process important on its own.  Beth creates modern beauty with each piece of pottery carrying the mark of her own thumbprints.  It's what we find beautiful in what's lasting and authentic.

Mt Washington Pottery Kiln - FOUND&MADE blog

When working on our opening collection of bells and talisman for FOUND&MADE.  Beth created a group of bells that was inspired by our travels along the West Coast.  The palette reflects the shades of nature that we find inspiring in coastal shades of blues and greens along with more earthy neutrals in whites and natural clay.  We really enjoy offering the bells as they are all each special in their own way.  Hand carved or hand thrown with a lot of artful goodness.  And the talisman have the intention to bring good luck and fortune to your home.  We love connecting with standout artists and sharing their work and we hope you do too! We are excited to offer our opening collection of Mt Washington Pottery.  To feel the soul passed along. TO LIVE A WELL LOVED LIFE.


photo credits: courtesy of Mt Washington Pottery.