Artisan Laid Back Chic with Jo Abellera of KKIBO

Artisan Laid Back Chic with Jo Abellera of KKIBO

I really believe in synchronicity.  You know when something happens for a reason.  Or in this case where one thing leads to another!  I had the pleasure to meet the lovely Jo Abellera of KKIBO in a macrame weaving workshop she hosted in Los Angeles.  As well as being a standout artisan and designer she's an inspiring teacher!  The class was so much fun meeting other like minded creative women.  And especially seeing what everyone made that was so original all with the same techniques.  Traditional macrame usually relies on pattern - Jo really encouraged a more freeform and organic approach that helped everyone get into their own creative flow!  I came home very inspired to create more.  And that's how we got started working together!  

Later on I met Jo at her Los Angeles studio, at the time, to talk about what would feel right for FOUND&MADE.  Inspired by all of her hand dyed creations, hand knotted market bags and gorgeous line of knitwear.  Jo has an effortless chic style that you can really see come through in her craft.  

The walls were keepers of design sketches and childhood drawings from her daughter.  Photographs, collected treasures and original designs to inspire...

We talked about what was starting up at FOUND&MADE and what we like to offer being what we love for our home.  Inspired by a West Coast relaxed vibe, we had a vision for this to be the overall look and feel.  In a laid back chic kind of way.   

I shared our story and how we are very drawn to being in nature and wandering to find the next place to discover.  So Jo and I collaborated on the color palette feeling like washed out shades of terra cotta and blues like the ocean and earthiness of the wet clay of the sand.  A little bit of color thats so wearable for everyday. 

Jo's approach to textiles has a modern way about it that feels right for today. And her sense of fashion and design gives everything that influence.

She approaches her work with an inspired artisan's eye, much the way a sculptor might work clay.  All of Jo's designs use natural fibers like wool, alpaca, jute and rope. They transform into work that has both individuality and an easy, sensual beauty. 

KKIBO is named after the Japanese word for HOPE.  

We are so happy to have Jo Abellera and KKIBO as a featured artist at FOUND&MADE. We hope you enjoy for days to come.