FOUND AND MADE inspiration for what's ahead

FOUND AND MADE inspiration for what's ahead

It's been many years of dreaming and a couple in the making and we are now here! The opening of FOUND&MADE was the start of an intention to create for ourselves. Our wish is to share what we love found and made and pass the goodness along. To live a well loved life. 

We first started up in Santa Monica and are now living up in the great Pacific Northwest.  We really feel inspired by the mix of both.  A carefree ease of California style mixed with the natural modern beauty of the Northwest.  For FOUND&MADE we relate to having a West Coast vibe with a bohemian twist to modern living. 

Today I'm working on a new inspiration board for what's ahead...Thinking about a mix of old and new, modern and rustic in a blend of styles.  And very much feeling like it's a time to take it all a bit slower and enjoy the beauty in everyday living.  

Inspired now by modern cabins and a mix of texture with a blend of relaxed, cozy textiles and handmade bits that give warmth to a space.  It could just be the Winter or it could be something that sticks a little longer! Neutrals and greenery in plants and indoor outdoor living is what I'm craving now.  And in this way, the plants work as the color.  And if you like some more color I have more thoughts on how to bring it into your home without being overwhelmed. (more on that later) So for now I'm going to dig into the first part and get started on that board! 

Hope you feel inspired to create something new and are starting out the year with much good intention!



image book credits: Modern Rustic/Emily Henson, Handcrafted Modern/Williamson, Rock The Shack/Gestalten, Beach Houses Andrew Geller/Alistair Gordon, Malibu Magazine