A Well Loved Life

A Well Loved Life

A Well Loved Life is the name of our blog.  We'd love to have you follow us along the way.  

Here is how some of it all started, our Signature Bench story...

When it was time to dream about our wedding and make plans.  Joseph and I knew, true to how we are, we both wanted to create a lot of it ourselves.  I wanted to create beautiful details to remember and Joseph aspired to create something for us that was apart of him for the ceremony.  Growing up in Portland he was surrounded by nature and amazingly beautiful trees.  As a boy, he climbed on the Doug Firs that surrounded his family’s house they built together.  Those trees have been apart of his metaphorical roots for awhile and given the chance he wished to pass them along.  So he had some that were fallen in a windstorm and decided to design benches for the ceremony.

Living together in Santa Monica, California at the time, he drove up and back to Oregon to handpick and prepare the wood and get it ready to bring back home to handcraft.  Working in our garage it was really the beginning for us both.  You know all the curious city folk walking by wanting to know the story of what was going on in there.  Joseph shared how he was making benches for our wedding to host our family and friends and create our new family tree.  I’m lucky he’s a romantic one!  Of course I had ideas on how they should be laid out …but Joseph wanted it to be placed like a tree with all of our friends and family being the branches.  So guess who got their way on that one! It’s charming I know, but it’s true to us and how it all started in a way…

Our signature dovetail benches are the beginning of a dream for us.  We want to pass it along. (And of course I won’t let him sell any of the originals! ) So we are offering some equally special ones in the same design.  Found in our shop in Handcrafted Furniture. We hope you like our story and would love to know you are creating yours with much happiness. 

Joy & Joe


outdoor bench photos credit: Annie McElwain photography