vintage quartz brass necklace-Lou Zeldis-FOUND&MADE

vintage quartz brass medallion necklace - Lou Zeldis

Vintage one of a kind quartz necklace with brass medallion. Lou Zeldis Universe of Wonderful Things.  

~As early as 1965, Lou began to wear personal charms and jewelry as a sense of energetic completeness.  He traveled the globe collecting gems, stones and all sorts of treasures to create unique one of a kind works of art.  Lou would say, "wearing these charms are good for your life as they are truthful at heart". 

We are featuring these opening collection of Lou Zeldis beautiful jewels at FOUND&MADE.  We hope you wear them with the presence they were intended or add them to your home as a special talisman. 

Dimensions: 30" length (adjustable)