hand dyed wild indigo blanket by Lookout and Wonderland - FOUND&MADE

hand dyed wild indigo blanket - Lookout and Wonderland

These collection of hand dyed medicinal blankets were made just for FOUND And MADE by Lookout And Wonderland.  They are inspired by the feeling and beauty of the sand and sea of Makenna in Hawaii.  Hand made with medicinal plants in the art of Ayurvastra . Medicinally dyed fabrics have been used in various cultures since ancient times.  These cloths are soaked in a myriad of medicinal herbs to provide healing to the body and spirit.  

Made with Cleavers, Indigo, Mugwort, Myrobalan, Nettles, Red Clover and Wild Indigo Root. 

Please get in touch with us for the full listing of beneficial properties.

Libeco Belgium LInen and Wool.  (90/10). 

Dimensions: 58"W x 77 "L