Lou Zeldis handcrafted vintage rhodochrosite necklace

Lou Zeldis vintage pink rhodochrosite necklace

Vintage pink raw rhodochrosite stone necklace from the Lou Zeldis collection of wonderful things. 

Beginning in the mid sixties, Lou traveled the globe gathering gems, stones and all sorts of treasures to create unique one of a kind pieces of art.  Lou said, some "magic" is created in the objects as they are passed along to the new owner.  This rhodochrosite stone promotes loving energy, inner peace and embracing ones full potential. 

We are featuring these opening collection of Lou Zeldis beautiful jewels at FOUND&MADE.  We hope you wear them with the presence they were intended or add them to your home as a special talisman. 

Dimensions: 34" length (adjustable).  One of a kind.